On the Road to Being a Hold ‘Em Poker Pro? Study like Pro’s Do!

On the Road to Being a Hold 'Em Poker Pro? Study like Pro's Do!

Are you hooked on poker? Millions of people are, and that’s great! I loved watching the upcoming of this wonderful game make it’s appearance on TV, and soon to homes everywhere. Any person of legal age can play poker online, and that’s the big trend as of recently. But out of millions of competitors, how do a small group of pros shine above the rest?
Most poker pros are more well-versed than you think. There are hundred of books, e-books, and articles like this one out there, that have great information regarding the odds, tips, and strategies for hold em poker. But pros aren’t just well versed in reading about poker, most have vast experiences with all different types of poker.

A great way to get a leg up on the game is to learn several different styles of poker. This can give you a stronger overall feel for the odds. Hold em poker may seem fun and complex, and yes it can be at times, but there are far more complex variations of poker out there. Heck, you may even find something you like better than hold em! Playing even play money in different styles of poker can help you experience it a little better. For poker looking to expand their comfort zone in this fashion, find tournaments that switch up the variations of poker every couple blinds. Tournaments exsist that cycle through 8 or more variations of poker. These can be a great way to get started with tournament experience, plus all different types of poker experience.

Also a big factor in hold em poker in the common sense factor. There are simple things people don’t think about that can give you a major clues on what your opponents are holding. Think about it for a minute, and follow this hypothetical scenario: Every person at a 9 person table calls the raise before the flop. Having a J, Q, would still fold. Why? It’s obvious if everyones calling on the raise that 1 of 2 things; Either there are many pockets being held, or everybody is holding high cards. Here, you can make the safe bet that the flop will be low.

Also, the game variations aren’t the only thing you should study, worrying about game modes is very important as well. You can be playing heads-up, Sit n Go, Single table tournies and multi-table tournies. These 4 game styles all have varying styles of play, some much more extreme than others. You can benefit from doing this individual case studies, because successful play styles on each type differs from the others. Heads-up is usually played overly agressive, where as in a MTT (Multi-Table Tournament), you want to start your play very tight, and loosen the blinds rise, and player count drops.

On the Road to Being a Hold 'Em Poker Pro? Study like Pro's Do!

It’s important to study every aspect of the game of daftar idn poker if you want to maximize your potential. Also, Studying odds and strategies can never hurt. Never bet more than you can afford, and remember a big part of the game is luck!

I wish you many pocket Q’s, K’s, and A’s. Go out there, learn by experience.