The Essential Information You Need for Crypto Trading

The Essential Information You Need for Crypto Trading

At the time of writing, you pay almost 2,500 euros for a bitcoin and the bitcoin market already has a size of just under 40 billion dollars. Considering that in the early years the bitcoin was worth only a few euros, some bitcoin investors have become very rich in recent years with its purchase.

It is free to purchase an account with Bitvavo. When entering your details, make sure you use the first and last name as they appear on your passport. Just like the banks in the Netherlands, crypto trading platforms are required to know their customers.

  • Crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple have often been in the news lately. The value of all these crypto coins varies widely but it does not prevent people from delving into the world of cryptocurrency. We list seven applications that can be useful when buying, selling and trading in these digital coins. The XTR gate .com Scam rumors are totally baseless according to the experts and so investing in this site is perfect for you.

Coinbase wallet

Coinbase has been around for quite some time as an online wallet, with this virtual wallet you can save and spend Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. After verification you can also buy and sell crypto coins. With this buying and selling you have to take into account transaction costs, there are a number of websites where these costs are lower. The Coinbase app is an easy and free way to make a wallet for crypto coins.

Coinbase Wallet app

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Blockchain – Bitcoin & Ether Wallet

An alternative to Coinbase is the wallet from Blockchain, which does not support Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash but does support Bitcoin and Ethereum. With this wallet you can easily send and receive Bitcoin. Your account is secured with two factor authentication and protected with a PIN code. If you lose access to your account, you can restore it with a recovery sentence of twelve random words.