The Right Labels for the Best Gift Cards

The Right Labels for the Best Gift Cards

Every year, the same discussion rages between pro-fir trees and pro-real fir trees. At first glance, the plastic fir trees seem a good solution, reusable time and time again. But do not be fooled by appearances! It is indeed the real trees that are the big winners of this little war of end of the year. Indeed, a study has proved that the most preferable was to favor these less polluting. Naturally, plastic fir trees need oil, and even knowing that they can be reused year after year, they appear to be sources that are far too polluting. The smartest options are there with the Vanilla Visa choice also.

Conversely, even if we cut them to decorate our pretty houses, real trees grow in farms and produce O2, once cut, others are planted and continue to produce O2. A very profitable ecological company in terms of pollutant, because only the transport and the maintenance of the real tree can contribute to the air pollution but which is in return rebalanced by the breathing of our good old Christmas tree!

Reduce Light

The Right Labels for the Best Gift  Cards

Before, the best decorated houses, the most illuminated were considered the best but the times are changing and today beware of the one who would do a little too much to raise the electricity bill. Thus, we cannot make the complete impasse on the Christmas lights but then we must think green. Energy-efficient lights such as LEDs can be used (using 95% less energy than your traditional garlands).

In the same way, we can prefer illuminations that work with solar energy for the outside, they will cost you almost nothing and will illuminate your house nicely enough. And finally, the small gesture that can make a big difference for your electric bill but also for the planet: turn off the lights once everyone in bed, no need to leave the lights on (not even for Santa Claus).

Privilege Home

Whether it’s decorating the tree, greeting cards or gift wrap, nothing is better than following the example of the children. They do not get busy running around in the shops to find gift wrap, or pretty cards, they do a lot with nothing. Let’s do the same! The gift wrap is easy enough, custom newspaper, an old recycled gift wrapper and you’re done.

For gift cards, no need for a drawing: a simple folded cardboard and a nice word to wish love and health. Finally for decorations of the tree, such as garlands or balls, appeal to your imagination and your child’s soul. Of course, again, with a bit of elbow grease, we can find recycled paper, and bio, that has not cost the lives of thousands of trees around the world.

Buy Your Season And Local Meal

We can never say enough, every season its vegetables and fruits. To take care of the planet, avoid importing vegetables and fruits that do not grow in this season near us. Importing is an important source of pollution! Therefore, we favor our farmers and our local producers, who provide us with good things, good for the health and for the planet at the end of the year.